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Fair and Square: 

Unleashing Excellence

Welcome to MobileSquare, a distinguished mobile device reseller based in Dallas, TX. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our certifications: R2v3, ISO9001:2015, ISO14001:2015, and ISO45000:2018, ensuring robust quality control, stringent customer data security measures, and a steadfast dedication to environmental safety.

At MobileSquare, customer satisfaction is paramount. Whether catering to B2B clients or end users, our exemplary customer support consistently receives accolades for its timeliness and effectiveness. We take pride in assuming full responsibility for our actions and transparently delivering on our sales pitches.

Leveraging our extensive engineering expertise, we provide accurate information and inspection data, aiming to minimize any potential frustrations arising from misunderstandings or miscommunication. Our focus on precision ensures a seamless experience for our valued customers.

MobileSquare extends its services to manufacturing clients, actively contributing to the incubation of their brand names and products. Irrespective of size or volume, we embrace the challenges faced by our clients with unmatched professionalism and a strong sense of responsibility.

Our guiding ethos, "Fair and Square," is the bedrock upon which MobileSquare stands. This principle permeates our organizational culture, fostering a solid foundation for our teams. It encapsulates our commitment to transparency, fairness, and ethical business practices in every interaction.

Choose MobileSquare, where our commitment to quality, customer satisfaction, and ethical business practices sets us apart. Experience a partnership that transcends mere transactions – join us in shaping the future of mobile devices with innovation, responsibility, and integrity.

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Customer-Centric Commitment

At MobileSquare, customer satisfaction is not just a goal; it's our guiding principle. Whether you are a B2B partner or an end user, expect nothing short of exceptional service. Our dedicated customer support team ensures that your needs are met with precision and promptness. We take pride in assuming full responsibility for our actions and sales pitches, setting the stage for a relationship rooted in trust.

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Ethos of "Fair and Square"

Leo Kim | CEO

Leo Kim has been at the helm of MobileSquare, Inc as its Chief Executive Officer (CEO) since September 2019, orchestrating transformative changes in the competitive Dallas/Fort Worth Area technology sector. His leadership has positioned MobileSquare as a dynamic force dedicated to revolutionizing the refurbished mobile device market.

Prior to his CEO role, Leo played a crucial part in Supply Chain Management at CVE Technology, overseeing the procurement of $20 million worth of spare parts monthly and managing an extensive inventory. His strategic prowess extended beyond traditional roles, contributing significantly to the success of data communication and integration projects with customers.

Leo's versatility shines as he not only excels in supply chain management but also possesses exceptional skills as a system architect. This dual expertise ensures seamless integration and optimization within complex business environments, aligning with MobileSquare's commitment to technological excellence.

Leo's academic foundation includes a Master of Arts (MA) in International Economics from Yale University. Fluent in multiple languages, including Korean and Japanese, he brings a global perspective to his leadership, complemented by technical proficiency in Python.

Recognized for his results-driven leadership and commitment to quality, Leo Kim is dedicated to making a positive impact in the technology and business landscape. MobileSquare, under his guidance, prioritizes trust, ethical practices, and environmental responsibility, positioning itself not just as a provider of exceptional devices but as a contributor to societal betterment. Leo Kim's tenure reflects a commitment to excellence, innovation, and ethical business practices, establishing MobileSquare as a leader in the refurbished mobile device industry. 

Tony Choi | Director, Compliance

Tony Choi, as the Director of Compliance at MobileSquare, brings over two decades of invaluable expertise in ERP and EDI, shaping the company's trajectory as a foundational founding member. With a Microsoft programmer's license and Odoo proficiency, Tony's technological prowess is evident in innovative .NET programming solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries.

In his pivotal role as a compliance leader, Tony ensures MobileSquare's steadfast commitment to rigorous industry standards. His dedication to quality is palpable in the meticulous crafting of bespoke homebrew systems, reflecting an ability to tailor solutions precisely to the company's unique needs.

Noteworthy is Tony's status as a licensed Microsoft programmer, underscoring his technical mastery and positioning MobileSquare at the forefront of cutting-edge technology adoption. His versatility in Odoo adds a dynamic layer to the company's suite of business applications.

Tony Choi emerges as the driving force propelling MobileSquare towards success, blending strategic vision, technological acumen, and an unwavering commitment to compliance and quality control. As a leader, programmer, and compliance expert, Tony has indelibly shaped the company's identity, solidifying MobileSquare's standing as an innovative industry leader. This alternative version aims to maintain a similar structure while introducing some varied expressions and details.


Brian Lee| Director, Operation

Brian Lee, the Director of Operations at MobileSquare, is a distinguished electronic engineer and production manager with a focus on cellular phone devices and consumer electronics. With extensive experience in the industry, Brian leads entire production lines at MobileSquare, directing teams with a dedicated commitment to achieving the highest standards of quality and efficiency.

Brian's expertise lies in optimizing workflows and implementing best practices to create the most effective and innovative production processes. His strategic approach ensures a balance between productivity and top-tier quality. As a mentor and consultant, he actively engages with his crews, guiding them to enhance their skill sets and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Known for his commitment to excellence, Brian is instrumental in shaping MobileSquare's success. His leadership combines technical acumen with a passion for building efficient and effective production lines, making him a key contributor in the ever-evolving landscape of consumer electronics production.